Show the dove

UNITED-FOR-PEACE.ORG is a free community of people who do not accept war as an adequate means to solve conflict situations. Neither do we know if you share our thoughts.
If you agree with us, and if you have a Web Page or a page on Facebook, there is something you can do.
The current pressing situation in world peace needs everybody's help.
By showing a symbol of Peace on your Web Page along with your personal message, every visitor can see that the world 
wants peace not war. The time of doing nothing is over; by showing this International Symbol of Peace we are at least
creating a chance for a change in thinking.
When you don't state your opinion you show that you don't care.
On this page you find icons of the Dove of Peace along with several texts to help you create your own message.
It is our little World - This is our only one.
It is our duty to preserve it for our children.
Sincerely yours, Stefan Wiessmeyer
Regardless of what you do professionally or privately - please use the Dove of Peace on your Web Page along with
your choice of text, and please make it well visible on your site.
If you additionally link the symbol of the Dove of Peace to the URL others will also
become aware of this initiative. Please feel free to send us an e-mail and we will add you to the list of  Who is with us! on facebook

Info is and will remain a private, non-profit Peace Initiative. | Editorial
By the way you do not have to take part, but you can join our Network for Peace!
Doves of Peace
Who is with us!